Although a true orthodontic emergency is rare, we are here to help when they do occur! In the case of a painful emergency you can reach Pridemore and Cox Orthodontics after hours. If you are experiencing severe pain that will not go away, you can call our office at 706-234-0877 and you will be instructed on how to reach the doctors or the on-call orthodontic clinician.

Most often, you can fix orthodontic problems at home. If you experience a broken appliance, contact our office even after you fix it. We can assess if the appliance is still damaged or not. A damaged appliance may increase your treatment time if it is left broken.


It is normal to feel sore around the gums, teeth, and lips after getting braces. To protect your cheek, you can place wax on the brace, wire, or appliance that is causing the soreness. During non-sleeping hours, you can also put cotton rolls between the braces and your cheek. Rinsing your mouth with one teaspoon of salt in warm water can also be very soothing. You can also apply Orabase on the sore spots or take over-the-counter pain medicine to reduce inflammation. If you have used all of your wax provided, you can also purchase more at a drug store and we will be more than happy to supply you with more on our next working day.


Are you wearing your headgear according to the directions? Oftentimes this is the problem. If you notice any bending on the facebow, call our office.

Loose Bracket

A loose or broken bracket is not an orthodontic emergency, but it should be fixed in a timely manner. Please call us the next business day if you experience a loose bracket. In the mean time, leave loose brackets or bands if they are still attached to the wire. To reduce discomfort, place wax on the loose bracket. If you notice that the bracket comes off completely, place the bracket in a ziplock bag and contact our office.

Loose Appliance

Place wax on any loose pieces if they are causing discomfort. Then, call our office immediately.

Loose Wire

Try to move the wire back in place with a tweezer and place wax over any protruding pieces. If you still need help, clip the wire behind the last tooth with fingernail clippers.

Poking Wire

Try to move the wire back in place with a tweezer and place wax over any protruding pieces. If you are unable to get the wire back, use the eraser on the end of a pencil to push the wire to the side so it will not poke you. You can also refer to our wire poke video on our YouTube channel on how to clip the wire behind the last tooth.

Injuries During Treatment

If you have a traumatic injury that cuts your lips, cheeks, or gums, or if you have injured a tooth, please contact our office immediately. If you have broken any part of your tooth, you will need to contact your family dentist as an orthodontist does not have the materials to fix a broken tooth. If you have had any injury to your jaw or your teeth have been displaced you may need to seek emergency medical attention by an ER doctor or an oral surgeon.