A true orthodontic emergency is rare, but we are here to help when they do occur! Call our office if you are experiencing severe pain that will not go away or broke your appliance. If it is after hours, you can call our emergency line at 706-622-8012. We will fit you into our schedule as soon as possible.

Most often, you can fix orthodontic problems at home. If you experience a broken appliance, contact our office even after you fix it. We can assess if the appliance is still damaged or not. A damaged appliance may increase your treatment time if it is left broken.


It is normal to feel sore around the gums, teeth, and lips after getting braces. Rinse your mouth with one teaspoon of salt in warm water. You can also apply Orabase on the sore spots or take over-the-counter pain medicine to reduce inflammation. Placing wax on the braces can also help as your mouth gets used to your new appliance.


Are you wearing your headgear according to the directions? Oftentimes this is the problem. If you notice any bending on the facebow, call our office.

Loose Bracket

Leave loose brackets or bands if they are still attached to the wire. To reduce discomfort, place wax on the loose bracket. If you notice the wire comes out completely, wrap the bracket with a tissue and contact our office.

Loose Appliance

Place wax on any loose pieces if they are causing discomfort. Then, call our office for help.

Loose Wire

Try to move the wire back in place with a tweezer and place wax over any protruding pieces. If you still need help, clip the wire behind the last tooth with fingernail clippers.

Poking Wire

Push any protruding wire down using a pencil eraser or place wax over it to reduce any pain.