Damon Braces Typodont ImageDamon System Braces

At Pridemore & Cox Orthodontics, we proudly offer Damon System braces to patients of all ages. These self-ligating braces hold the archwire using a slider, which reduces pressure on teeth and promotes tooth movement. You won’t even have to worry about elastic ties! What does that meant to you? You will get a beautiful, straight smile faster and easier than before with fewer adjustments!


Faster treatment is still gentle treatment! Damon braces work quickly yet gently by using a low-friction force to move teeth. Our lightweight, shape-memory wires guide teeth into the positions we prescribe without causing the soreness of traditional metal braces.


We love Damon System braces because they are so convenient for patients. With Damon clear braces, you can complete orthodontic treatment as subtly as possible. Most people won’t even know you’re wearing braces! Damon braces are also easy to clean. While elastic ties can trap plaque, Damon braces uses doors that make it easy to keep your teeth clean throughout treatment.

In addition to oral hygiene, Damon System braces can reduce your overall treatment time. While we cannot give a precise treatment length without an evaluation, patients typically finish treatment faster with Damon braces than traditional metal braces.

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and see how Damon braces can change your life!