A dentist referral is not necessary to receive orthodontic treatment. We know that not everyone has their own family dentist. Plus, those that do often forget to mention orthodontic work during their regular dentist appointments. The good news about coming to Pridemore and Cox Orthodontics is that you don’t need to have any type of referral. Anyone can book an appointment or learn more.

Although there are some patients that come into our orthodontic office directly from a dentist referral, a great deal of the people that we see in our offices are referred by other orthodontic patients. Others may simply find our website online or through our advertising. If you are ever curious or concerned about your oral health, it’s important to set up an orthodontics consultation directly by calling our office.

Cost of Orthodontic Treatment

You might feel a bit intimidated by cost of orthodontic treatment. However, it is important to note that many health plans will cover it. We also have financing options available, and your initial consultation is completely free of charge.

This means that you can have all of your questions answered, a recommendation for orthodontic treatment, and an assessment of your oral health all at no risk to you and completely complimentary. To book a free consultation, contact our office today. Regardless of whether you have a family dentist or dental referral, Pridemore and Cox Orthodontics is available to help you!