Common Orthodontics Questions

Orthodontics can seem overwhelming in the early stages. When beginning orthodontic treatment, most patients ask Dr. Cox and Pridemore and our team various questions about what they can expect during [...]

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Can I get Braces as an Adult?

Adult braces are perfect for anyone who had orthodontic work as a child, but the teeth have shifted. In other cases, patients may be considering them for the first time. [...]

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One of the Most Common Brushing Mistakes

Teeth cleaning is crucial during orthodontic treatment. When you get braces, you’ll want to brush after every meal and again before bed. This is the best way to keep your [...]

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Preventing White Spots While Wearing Braces

Braces work hard to straighten your smile, but they also can prevent you from easily cleaning your teeth. While in treatment, be sure to put extra time and care to [...]

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