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What Does Board Certified Mean?

To be board certified in the world of orthodontics is an important distinction. When choosing an orthodontist, we know that you want to make sure that you are choosing someone [...]

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Dentists and Orthodontists: Which is Best for Getting Braces?

Dentists and orthodontists are highly trained to improve your oral health. If you’re looking into getting braces, choosing the right doctor is a big decision. In some cases, your dentist [...]

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Do I Need a Dentist Referral?

A dentist referral is not necessary to receive orthodontic treatment. We know that not everyone has their own family dentist. Plus, those that do often forget to mention orthodontic work [...]

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Common Orthodontics Questions

Orthodontics can seem overwhelming in the early stages. When beginning orthodontic treatment, most patients ask Dr. Cox and Pridemore and our team various questions about what they can expect during [...]

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Can I get Braces as an Adult?

Adult braces are perfect for anyone who had orthodontic work as a child, but the teeth have shifted. In other cases, patients may be considering them for the first time. [...]

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